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Sheepskin Products, Knitting Patterns, and Wool yarn manufactured using wool from the sheep of Cestari Sheep and Wool Company and wool purchased from the United States.

We wash our wool using a scouring process instead of the more contemporary carbonizing process. Carbonizing is an acid bath that burns out the vegetable matter, making the wool very clean. It also removes the lanolin, leaving the wool with less bounce and a with change in texture. Scouring is a detergent bath that leaves some of the lanolin and sometimes specks of hay or straw, both of which are easy to remove. Francis likes to say that if you put his yarn to your ears, you can almost hear the sounds of life within it.

Just as there are two processes for cleaning wool, there are two main processes for producing yarn: the worsted and the woolen system. A large majority of yarn manufacturers use the worsted system, but Cestari prefers the woolen system. This system is the mechanized version of handspun yarn that uses a three-section system to card the wool and a second section that crosses the wool. Francis feels that the woolen process creates a yarn with loft and character that is better suited for knitting and crocheting than worsted-processed yarns.

Five Good Reasons To Buy Cestari Wool and Wool Blend Yarn:

We use Targhee and Columbia Sheep, breeds developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which produce high quality wool and meat.  We also raise Merino Sheep, a breed which produces superior fleece.  Our fine Merino lines include a 3-ply bulky weight yarn, 2-ply worsted weight, and 2-ply sock weight.  We manufacture our yarn using the traditional woolen system for carding and spinning.

Over the years, we have further developed our flocks to produce fine wool 22-23 micron and 18-22 micron in Merino, ideal for making hand knitting yarn.  The wool is soft to the touch and becomes softer with each successive washing.

Ease of Care
Products made from our regular Columbia wool yarn are machine washable in cold water, and do not felt.  We suggest using a delicate cycle using soap or detergent.  Our Merino wool will felt if washed in hot water.  Dry the product naturally, not in the dryer or directly in the sun.  You may spin dry with the delicate cycle.  Our Columbia wool yarn is naturally unshrinkable, due to the type of sheep we have and the slow mill process used in making our yarn.

No Chemicals
Since we do not need to use chemicals to prevent shrinking of the wool, the yarn is good to your skin.  In addition, we retain a percentage of the lanolin (natural sheep oil) in the wool, making the wool yarn somewhat water repellent.

The durability of our wool yarn is indisputable.  We have sweaters that we use on a regular basis, machine washed over 100 times, that are still in use after more than 30 years of wear.

Cestari Wool Yarn

We produce 4 weights of 100% wool yarn available in two put-ups: pull skeins in our Columbia and blended yarns and hand turned hanks in our Merino yarn.

Please note that the yarn colors as displayed on your PC monitor may vary a bit from the actual yarn color.

Making Money With Wool

It's not like spinning straw into gold- but it does work.  We have been raising sheep, making wool, processing, and marketing the same for many years.

To encourage the development of quality wool in the United States, Cestari Sheep and Wool Company provides custom processing of wool and natural fibers for small, medium, and large wool producers at prices that are the lowest in the Direct Farm Market Industry.  All parts of the wool processing are done at our farm, except wool scouring.  All parts of the wool processing and handling is of the highest quality in the wool industry, and the integrity of your own wool and fiber is guaranteed.


If you wish to add color to your wool, we can either have your wool dyed (500 lbs minimum) or add some of our natural dark gray wool to assist in achieving your desired color.

You may blend a percentage of this stock with your own wool.  We are happy to assist in achieving your desired color.

Shipping Instructions

Contact UPS or other common carriers to arrange delivery to our mill/farm.

Under separate cover, mail your processing instructions, together with 50% of the estimated charges.  Place a copy of your instructions in container #1, also let us know what you intend the final product to be. (ex. sweater, rugs, etc.)  Once your fiber arrives we will begin processing.

The cost for blending, carting, spinning, twisting, coning, and winding is $9.00 per finished pound. If any of the above services are not needed, there will be a corresponding reduction in price. Please call us for more details.

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